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Different animals have different needs when
they have a developing food chain this
coincides with different needs. When the
golden Eagle that lives in the sea cliffs of
Scotland will need somewhere high so they
can look for prey in the sea. Hedgehogs hide
in leaves and logs and therefore they can
hide.…read more

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Different types of Habitats
Snowy Desert
Jungle River…read more

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Foxes can be found all over the world the Artic
fox has evolved in a slightly different way, to
the common British fox that we get here. The
reason why the Artic fox is white is because
the snow is white and they are camouflaged
from threats. The British fox has kept its
colour but it is easily seen and can be hunted.
The mother fox as pictured below her young
will have the same features inherited from the
parents this is due to environment and
inheritance.…read more

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The Facts
* Several Herbivores will eat plants only native to a certain habitat. If this plant is made
extinct then the animal could be in series danger of shortening thus making it impossible
for other animals who rely on these animals diet wise.
*Climate Change will destroy some vital habitats for certain animals if the ice caps
melt this will have series consequences for the earth. These are listed below.
*Shortage of Polar Bears
*More flooding due to more evaporation of the melted ice caps will destroy other
areas of the environment.
*The water that will not evaporate will rise the sea levels flooding coastal areas.…read more


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