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Periodic table-groups 2&7…read more

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Group 2-alkaline earth metals
Ionisation energy
· Decreases down the group
· Atomic radii increases down the group
(outermost electrons are further away from
the nucleus)
· More shielding down the group…read more

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Group 2-alkaline earth metals
Flame tests
Flame Photometer:
How to do it? -This is an instrument which can be used to measure the
wavelength of light.
-Add a few drops of HCL on -They are used routinely to find levels of Na and K ions in
the sample. blood samples
-Dip a nichrome wire into -More accurate What causes the flame to
the solution and hold change colour?
over a Bunsen burner
-When an electron is promoted
(blue flame)
from its unusual energy level to a
higher energy level the atom
metal flame test colour becomes exited
barium pale green -When the electron drops back to
its ground state the atom emits a
calcium yellow-red photon of light in the visible range.
copper green-blue
lithium red
sodium orange
potassium lilac…read more

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Group 2-alkaline earth metals
Reactions with oxygen
· The metals burn in air/oxygen to
produce solid metal oxides
· 2Mg(s)+O(g)---->2MgO(s)
· The reactivity of group 2 metals with
oxygen increases down the group.
· Barium, being the most reactive, is
stored under oil.…read more

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Group 2-alkaline earth metals
Reactions with chlorine.
· Group 2 burn in chlorine gas to form
solid metal chlorides
· Mg(s)+Cl(g)---->MgCl(s)
· Again the reactivity increases down
the group.…read more

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Group 2-alkaline earth metals
Reactions with Water
· Form oxides or hydroxides
· Reactivity increases down the group
Element Reaction with water/steam
Beryllium No reaction
Magnesium Very slow reaction with cold water. Rapid with Form oxides
Reaction with cold water to produce Form
hydrogen-reactivity increases down the group. hydroxides
Barium…read more

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