Group Display of Aggression in Humans

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Group Display Aggression in Humans
Freud said that the mind set of an individual changes within a group, their
minds merge based on shard opinions. The enthusiasm of being in a group
reduced inhibitions
Convergence Theory
Turner and Killian 1957 said that the motive behind group behaviour is the convergence
upon a specific location by like-minded individuals. (Football crowd)
Emergent Norm Theory
Crowd behaviour is normless, because the situation is unique
A person who act in a distinctive way within the crowd with get noticed because the crowd is
This distinctive behaviour will then be taken on as the norm for the group
The crowd think logically as a mass of individuals
Crowd behaviour can be unpredictable because it is governed by the norms identified and
accepted by the group
Influence from the Group
Le Bon 1896 suggested that group behaviour was the result of individuals' behaviour
The atmosphere of the group cases contagion which makes the group members
suggestible to the views and actions of others within the group.
Group behaviour is taken up quickly which creates a `group mind'
Blumer 1939 said that a circular reaction takes place in which the individuals
reproduce behaviours of those around them which then intensifies the original
emotion and behaviour. He said this is the reason for social unrest
Levy 1989 stated that every explanation of group behaviour takes a different
Freud failed to use hypothetico-deductive method for his theory so it is not

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Le Bon's theory is criticised by the fact that groups do not take on a mind-set of
their own that is different to every one of the individuals within the group.…read more


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