Group 2 - The Alkaline Earth Metals

This is a one page summary on alkaline earth metals.

The only thing which isn't included is the reactions with water, so I will provide this information in a revision card!

Hope it helps!

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Group 2- Alkaline Earth Metalsjnj
Electron Arrangement
Each atom has 2 electrons in its outer shell
First ionization energy
These decrease as we go down the group;
There's more shielding
Electrons have less nuclear attraction
Outer electrons more easily lost
Each time ionised, a 2+ charge created
Atomic Radius
Increases down the group;
More electrons, therefore more electron shells
Less nuclear attraction, atoms increase in size
Melting Points
Decrease down the group;
Sea of delocalised electrons further away from nucleus
Less attraction for electrons
Weaker metallic bonding
Bonds more easily broken, lower melting points
Reactions with Hydroxides
Solubility increases down group (Mg most insoluable, Ba most soluable)
Useful products:
o Mg(OH)2 known as `milk of magnesia' helps with indigestion
o Calcium hydroxide is used in agriculture and it helps reduce soil acidity
Reactions with Sulphate
Solubility decreases down group (Mg most soluable, Ba least soluable)
Useful products:
o Barium sulphate, (BaSO4) known as `barium meals', helps see organs when
x-rayed due to insolubility. Even though Ba is highly poisonous, it's so
insoluble that this isn't a risk to the patient


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