Group 2 Earth metals; trends, reactions, carbonates and uses

notes on the group 2 elements from the periodic table.

information taken from another user, formatted into word document.

contains;  trends, reactions, carbonates and uses of the group 2 elements

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Group 2 ­ The alkaline Earth metals

These Elements all have 2 valence electrons in
their outer shell which are lost when they bond
ionically in order to form 2+ ions, giving them full
outer shells.

Trends In Reactivity
As you go down the group the ionisation energies
of the…

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· The thermal stability of carbonates changes down the group.
· Thermal decomposition is when a substance breaks down when heated.
· The amount of heat needed to decompose a group 2 element increases
causing the thermal stability to increase down the group.
· Group 2 carbonates decompose to form…


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