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..Group 2..
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· Group 2 lose 2 electrons when they react, as they have 2 electrons in the
outer shell. When they lose the 2 electrons, they form +2 ions, and have
the same electron structure as a noble gas
· Atomic radius increases down the group due to the extra electron shell
· Ionisation energy decrease down group 2 due to extra electrons that th
shell above and extra inner shells shield outer electrons
· Reactivity increases down the group due to they can lose electrons
· Melting points decreases down the groups due
· to the group 2 metals have typical metallic
· structures with the outer electrons being delocalized
· so not as much energy is needed to overcome bond…read more

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Reactions involving Group 2
· Group 2 elements react with water, when
they react they form +2 ions (oxidised)
· They react with water to form a metal
hydroxide M(OH)2 and hydrogen H2
· The only group 2 element that does not
react with water is Be, then the amount
of time taken to react increases down the
· When group 2 metals (excluding Be)
react with a hydroxide (OH-), the
solubility INCREASES down a group
· When group 2 metals (excluding Be)
react with a sulfate (SO4 2-) the solubility
DECREASES down a group…read more

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