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The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change

1. What is the Greenhouse Effect?
Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere don't absorb visible sunlight, so most of the Sun's energy
passes through and warms the Earth's surface. But greenhouse gases trap some of the Earth's
outgoing infrared heat energy, keeping the planet warm…

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The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change

4. The sources of greenhouse gases

Power Plants, Greenhouse Gas (GHG): Carbon Dioxide: Generating power by burning fossil fuels
like natural gas, oil, and coal produces more greenhouse gas emissions than any other human
activity, accounting for about one quarter of all global emissions.…

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The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change

The graph shows that since around 1770, the concentration on Carbon Dioxide started at
around 280 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. It increases steadily to 310ppm until
1910, where the levels begin to increase
dramatically due to new technology and

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The Greenhouse Effect and Climate Change

parts of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and North America as warmer weather allows these and
other diseases to thrive in locations previously too cold to support them
Disruption of the Ecosystem - Climate change could magnify the cumulative impacts of other
ecosystem stresses caused…


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