Green Chemistry leaflet


  • Greenhouse gases
  • Carbon footprint, carbon offsetting, carbon capture
  • Waste disposal
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Fun with Chemistry
1. Buy locally grown and organic foods.
Organic foods are healthier for both you and
the environment because they don't involve
The main focus at the moment is pesticides. Local foods do not have to travel
increasing the use of renewable far to get to your table, saving on truck emis-
sions. This reduces truck emissions and sup-
sources of energy. Coal and oil re- ports local farmers and economy as well.
serves are quickly becoming depleted. 2. Pull the plug. If you aren't using an electrical
As well as this, landfill sites are being appliance, unplug it. Taking a few extra sec-
onds to plug and unplug these appliances will
filled up very quickly so it is important also help you save on your utility bill.
that we recycle and reuse waste a lot 3. Have more family gatherings. Feeding and
more frequently. entertaining a large group in one place is more
efficient than having the same number of peo-
ple spread out over several homes. You save
on energy and waste all while doing something
you'd be doing anyway.
4. Change out your light bulbs. Changing to
a new energy saving light bulb will help you
save electricity because they burn using less
wattage. They also last longer, saving you
5. Plant a tree. This helps to create more oxy-
gen and provides shelter to small animals and
shade for the ground. Growing your own
vegetables, fruits, and other eatables will help By Claire, Rebecca and Niki

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Disposal Disposing of waste gases
Greenhouse Gases Disposing of solid waste Waste gases include sulphur dioxide, which is not
Disposing of unwanted material as waste is very important in only a greenhouse gas but it can also cause acid rain.
today's society. Most of the domestic material that we throw Acidic gases may be removed from flue gases using
away can be recycled, e.g. glass, metals, paper and cardboard.…read more


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