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Chapter 5
"My taxi groaned away" ­ personification. Recurring reference to cars.
"My house winked into the darkness" ­ cheeky to sinister.
Green light is referred to throughout the novel, symbolising Gatsby's hopes and dreams of
being with Daisy.
"Twinkle bells of sunshine" highlights the change in mood as Gatsby and Daisy become more
comfortable with each other. Contrast to "soggy white-washed" at the beginning. Bleak ->
Vivid imagery of heaps of expensive shirts ­ symbolises materialistic nature of Gatsby.
Revealing what he has superficially done for her, an intimate moment.
Blush described as a deep tropical bird. Tropical - something different that does not usually
happen to him.
`His count of enchanted objects had just diminished by one' p90
`the colossal vitality of his illusion' p92
Starts with Nick by himself and ends with it, he is more of an observer.
Starts with fire and ends with rain, it cools down with the climatic moment of them meeting.
Suspense as reader thinks that Daisy will not come as Gatsby announces that she's late when
it is only an excuse for him as he is nervous.
Rain at the end ­ romantic? Open to interpretation.
Suspense, tension, awkwardness.
Nick talks about Gatsby in a different way by the end of the chapter, becomes dismissive of
him. May be due to the lack of reality around him as he exaggerates the mystery around him
and his extreme way of living perfectly.
Daisy's entrance changes the mood from suspense to awkward.
Pathetic fallacy with the use of weather
Awkward tension. No flow of conversation; statement after statement.
Clipped pieces of dialogue, minimal speech.
Long descriptions made it seem that the dialogue was cutting through the awkward silence.
The content of the dialogue was irrelevant to the situation, the narrative was told through
description of other things - such as body language.
Characters cannot express themselves through their words as they are inadequate to
describe the situation

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Narrative Control/ Use of time
As Gatsby knocks the clock down, it's almost as if he wants to stop time. When Nick says that
it is an old clock he could be implying that a long time has passed since they last met.
Slow-paced implies that every second between them is important and so they have to make
it count.
"Time is an over wound clock." Gatsby can not make time stop, Daisy will have to leave.…read more


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