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Music in the 1920's…read more

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Popular music
· There were various different styles and genres
of popular music in America in the 1920's,
these included:-
· Jazz
· Ragtime
· And Broadway musicals…read more

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In its early years jazz was considered the `devils
music' by diverse segments of the American
public. Strong public debate raged between
supporters and critics. A typical exchange took
place between music critic Ernest Newman
who debunked jazz in a 1927 magazine article,
with a reply soon forthcoming from jazz-king
Paul Whiteman who argued that jazz was a
genuine musical force.…read more

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popular dance music of the time was not jazz, but there were early
forms taking shape in the evolving blues-ragtime experimental
area that would soon turn into jazz. Popular Tin Pan Alley
composers like Irving Berlin incorporated ragtime influence into
their compositions, though they rarely used the specific musical
devices that were second nature to jazz players--the rhythms, the
blue notes. Few things did more to popularize the idea of hot
music than Berlin's hit song of 1911,"Alexander's Ragtime Band,"
which became a craze as far from home as Vienna. Although the
song wasn't written in rag time, the lyrics describe a jazz band,
right up to jazzing up popular songs, as in the line, "If you want to
hear the Swanee River played in ragtime...."
Ragtime music
was popularized
by African-
Americans after
slavery had been
abolished.…read more

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Ragtime dancing was being danced
everywhere from Public dance halls,
clubs and even tea rooms in the
Strangely named black dances
inspired by African style dance
moves, like the shimmy, turkey trot,
buzzard lope, chicken scratch,
monkey glide, and the bunny hug
were eventually adopted by the
general public. The cake walk,
developed by slaves as a send-up of
their masters' formal dress balls,
became the rage. White audiences
saw these dances first in vaudeville
shows, then performed by exhibition
dancers in the clubs.…read more

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Broadway musical
1920's were Broadway's prime years, with over
50 new musicals opening in just one season.
Record numbers of people paid up to $3.50
for a seat at a musical. It was also a decade of
incredible artistic developments in the musical
Although $3.50 does not seem like a lot of money today, back in the 1920's it was.…read more

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