Great Expectations - Mrs Havisham

Revision notes on Great Expectations' Mrs Havisham.

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Miss Havisham
Uses Estella as her weapon for revenge
against men. "Then you can break his
heart..." Chapter 8.
Decays along with the Gothic Satis house
which is constantly a used as a metaphor of
a prison. This is because she has locked
herself, Pip and, for most her life, Estella into
it. Described with `Dismal' and `Chained.'
Described as a corpse's bride. `Grave
Clothes' and `the witch of the place'
She is a catalyst for Pip's character
development and also a catalyst for suffering as she
causes her own suffering, which causes Estella's suffering,
which causes Pip's.
She is constantly described as an idol character to Pip,
even though her and her deranged home isn't that of
amazement just social class.
She is the extreme embodiment of heartbreak and
emphasises that having high class during Victorian England
doesn't make a person happy.
Her pain is selfinflicted as it was her choice to stop the
clocks and act how she did after her suffering.
She is a character who only develops nearing the end of
the novel.
Dickens is telling a warning through her character that
money doesn't buy morals and happiness.
How Mrs Havisham is treated by Compeyson is also
Dickens' message of how women in Victorian England are
treated, which makes it a learning point and relatable to this

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Miss Havisham
day, and that most men used women for their riches or their
bodies.…read more


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