Great Expectations Book 1

Revision notes on "Great Expectations" chapters for AS English Language and literature.

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Chapter one
Dark humour "Where's your mother?"
"There, sir!" said I
He started, made a short run, and stopped and looked over his shoulder
A man with no hat, and with broken shoes, and with an old rag tied around his head
Last paragraph ­ setting
A long, black horizontal line
Repetition of black, long and line
Pip linked with crimes, guilt and punishment
Chapter two
Classical reference sort of Hercules
Non standard English ­ used by Joe
"she sot down," said Joe
Dynamic verbs hard and fast
Dialect ­ marshes meshes
Chapter three
First paragraph description it was a rimy morning and very damp
Sense of place/mood/setting
Mannerisms, tag with personality something clicked in his throat

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Chapter four
Christmas day
Pip feels he shouldn't be alive
I was always treated as if I had insisted on being born in opposition to the
Dictates of reason, religion, and morality
Always worried when Mrs Joe went near the pantry
The terrors that had assailed me whenever Mrs Joe had gone near the pantry
Taken as if your own appropriated
Chapter five
Pip's worried about the convicts and his connection with them
Pip contrasts the heat of the forge with the cold of the…read more

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Themes of social class and injustice
Chapter six
Pip doesn't tell Joe about what he'd done as he doesn't want to lose his friendship
Very self discriminative
Loss of Pip's innocence
Chapter seven
Pip attends a dame school run by Mr Wopsle's great-aunt as he wants an education
Dickens is satirising education ­ showing it at its worst
Little humour
Who used to go to sleep from six to seven every evening, in the society of youth who
Paid two pence per week each, for…read more

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She's very rude to Pumblechook and puts him in his place
Weather setting the mood
House:- named Satis which means enough
Very dark and unkept
Miss Havisham's described as waxwork and skeleton
She's very melodramatic and boastful about how she was/is feeling
Pip describes everything as melancholy ­ sad
Pip is confused with his surroundings, the room and Miss Havisham
He never forgets how Estella treats him. He starts to hate himself because of what she says
Estella is very class distinctive towards Pip.…read more

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Chapter nine
Pip tells the story of his play at Miss Havisham's
He lies about what went on
Maybe to protect Miss Havisham and Estella
Mrs Joe wants to make money off Pip
Pip tells Joe the truth
Joe is shocked.…read more

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Biddy is helpful, kind, willing and cleaver. She is an example of a good person
Dense description providing strong sense of place
Pip is satirising (making fun of) the school
Pip is determined to rise above everything around him and gets Biddy to help
Doesn't notice her as a person, just a tool
Goes to collect Joe from the pub
Pip meets a stranger who has the file he stole for the convict.…read more

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Pip is not liked by the people in the room as his calling to Miss Havisham before them
Retrospective narrator
Estella is tricky and abusive
Description of Mr Jaggers (page 78) he is a burly man...
Pip notices his manor isn't very nice/good
Dickens is pointing out that children are punished not cherished
Dismal and dark description of a new room to Pip (page 79)
It had an airless smell that was oppressive
Very detailed description
Always hearing of spiders in description of Satis house.…read more

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Chapter twelve
Pip is worried that he will get into trouble over the fight
Listing on the worry Pip feels from the fight
Is always feeling guilty
Very critical of himself
Visit to Miss Havisham's is frequent over a long period of time
List with repetition on Estella's thoughts
Enjoys Pip's thoughts on Estella's prettiness
Miss Havisham is very revengeful and twisted
Pip teaches them a blacksmiths song
The more Pip's there the more class distinctive he becomes.…read more

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Chapter thirteen
Joe and Pip go to see Miss Havisham
Joe is intimidated by her so when asked a question he replies to Pip
Pip is mortified by Joe's behaviour
Estella laughs at Joe as she is a snob
Mrs Joe went with Pip and Joe but not into the house
Joe has no formal speech
Miss Havisham treats Joe with respect, sees his dignity and his honesty
Humour and pathos at Joe's behaviour
Miss Havisham gives Joe twenty five guineas for Pip
Joe can't…read more

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Become very snobbish
Very self critical but also blames Estella and Miss Havisham
Very retrospective chapter
Pip hates the blacksmith profession
He says how Joe was everything good and he was not plane contented Joe
Talks about dreading Estella seeing him
Chapter fifteen
Too old for school
Got Biddy to help him continue learning
He tries to teach Joe
Feels himself above Joe worthier of my society
Very class conscious
Pip treats Joe like a child
Pip wants to go back to see Miss Havisham/Estella…read more


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