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Clip art
Clip art images are usually supplied free of charge with software packages
or at a cost from the software manufacturer.
They can be edited or used as they are and can be downloaded through the
Microsoft word has a library of clip art images, they range from very poor
quality to good quality.
pros cons
Images are ready to use Limited selection to choose from per
Lots of images to choose from Quality ranges from very poor to
You can reduce costs by using them You won't find a unique image-
as you don't need to waste time people can use the same image as you
designing them or employing a
designer to do that for you
Extra equipment isn't needed (digital A lot of clip art, especially when
cameras, tablets, imaging software found online, is subject to copyright
such as Photoshop) meaning you need to ask permission
to use it or pay to use it.
Used to show a library of images in a small space.
When you click on the thumbnail the full image appears
Allows you to browse a large selection of images quickly
Collections have descriptions and categories, making it easier to find
They are low quality so they load faster
Microsoft labs pivot- new application by Microsoft which allows people to
sort through data using images as a medium. It uses thumbnail libraries to
help convey information. When you click on a area you are presented with
thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail and you are taken to a wensite related to
that image. The more thumbnails you have, the longer it takes to download
them all.
Pros Cons

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Images are readily available Choice of images is limited to what
is available
Images are available immediately The quality of the images ranges
from very poor to good.
Use of clip art can reduce the cost Clip art isn't original or unique.
of the design- when designing a logo,
the designer doesn't have to be
Extra equipment, such as scanners Clip art images, especially from
and digital cameras, doesn't have to internet sources, may be subject to
be purchased. copyright.…read more

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GIF (raster) the best choice for graphics found on the web, only uses 256
JEPG- uses more colours than GIF. Best for photos on the web. Used to
email photos to people. Small file size.
TIFF- very good for scanning and printing photos. Used in commercial and
professional printing. Best for printing photos professionally. A common
format that can be used by most computers.
WMF- used for clip art. Doesn't support a lot of colours. Not good for
professional printing.…read more


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