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The Constitution
Created with heavy influence from Bismarck
`Bismarck = Protecting Prussian pwr + Ruling elite = v. little democracy

The Kaiser (Undemocratic)
Constitution granted him significant powers
Commander in Chief of the army (CCOA) from article 63 of 1871 constitution
Controlled Foreign policy
Can appoint + dismiss Chancellor &…

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The Chancellors and the ministers (Undemocratic)
Presented legislation to the Reichstag
Implemented laws
The Chancellor +his ministers are only accountable to the chancellor
Ministers are of Junker class = conservatives
Bulow 1900 ­ 1909
Relationship with Ks broke down = 1908 Daily Telegraph Affair
Worked wiv Ks but could defeat…

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Power of Reichstag demonstrated by

Daily Telegraph Affair 1908
KS says German naval build up directed at Japanese & not British
KS criticised by Reich + Germ ppl 4 conduct + dominance in Foreign Policy for abusing his
constitutional pwrs
Chancellor Bulow was too supportive of Reich criticism of Kais…

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1903 Sickness Insurance Law amended = Longer, generous help 4 ill workers


1911 ­ Extended workers insurance
1911 - Introduced commissioner in Alsace 2 integrate wiv rest of Germ

Nationalistic foreign policies

Weltpolitik protectionism + strong foreign + colonial policy = gain support of m/c 4
Flottenpolitik =…


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