Government & Politics Unit 4B Feminism, EQUALITY

Government & Politics Unit 4B Feminism, EQUALITY

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Equality between men and women should be included as a core feminist value
with some caution.
While equality is a clear objective for liberal feminists it is a problematic
concept for more radical elements of the movement.
All feminists agree that, while there are two important biological differences
between the two sexes, in terms of gender (roles of men and women) there
should essentially be no differences.
Rather there is a natural equality, and society should reflect this fact.
Liberals believe that equality means full political, social and economic rights
for women, and implies total equality of opportunity.
Women should have equal access with men to:
Educational opportunity
Public offices
All positions within the
economic structure.
Success in achieving this has been uneven.
In education and employment in general, equality has largely been attained,
while in economic life a large degree of male dominance remains.

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