Gothic themes in Wuthering Heights (1992 film)

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Preview of Gothic themes in Wuthering Heights (1992 film)

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· Weather- raining- darkness
· Scary dogs- growling
· Heathcliif- angry in 1st appearance
· storm
· The darkness- the unknown- knocking sound
· Flashing storm images
· Mysterious hand- supernatural-the unknown-madness
· Going into the unknown- the caves (talking about the supernatural- ghosts and evil spirits)
· Death (Mr Earnshaw/Frances/Cathy/Edgar/Linton/Heathcliff/the birds)
· Cathy's attack by the savage dog- violence
· Hindely beats Heathcliff- violence
· Heathcliff- turning dark- killing birds (violence)- getting clingy- his obsession- threatens her
· Revenge- Heathcliff to Hindely and Hareton
· Storm is going on- pathetic fallacy- when Heathcliff leaves
· Heathcliff returns- disregard for morals
· Crazy- Cathy has gone mad- yelling. Heathcliff- goes mad after Cathy's death (hears voices)
· Heaven/Hell references
· Heathcliff's uncertain background/mysterious three years
· Darkness- Isabella arrives at Wuthering Heights- dogs barking
· Violence- Heathcliff kills Isabella's dog as they elope
· Violence- Heathcliff's abuse of Isabella
· Graveyard- hugging Cathy's corpse
· Ghosts- past memories- supernatural- H & C reunited in death (Heathcliff hears Cathy calling him)
· Manipulation of Linton and YC's connection by Heathcliff
· Kidnap- Cathy is kidnapped and blackmailed by Heathcliff
· YC is imprisoned by the Heights


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