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Christine Hui

Unit 5: Good and Evil
Beliefs about God

God has many perfect qualities:
Omnipresence ­ present all the time
Omnipotent ­ all-powerful "Nothing is impossible with God" Luke 1:37
Omniscient ­all knowing "Nothing is too hard for you" Jeremiah 32:17
Benevolent ­ all-loving "God is love" 1 John…

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Christine Hui

Is religion an answer to suffering?

YES, it does explain suffering & comforts believers.
Jesus suffered with humanity on the cross encourages Christians to persevere
Religion motivates people to act on suffering, be a Good Samaritan to friends AND foes
"Love your enemies and pray for those who…

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Christine Hui

The Origin of Evil (Where does evil come from? How might Christian explain evil?)

1. Human given free will to choose. Obedience from the heart is more meaningful than forced
obedience. It's the Devil who tempted humans and it is HUMANS who gave in to them.
Eve chose…

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Christine Hui

People should accept their own limitation and recognize that God does not make mistakes.
God is omniscient and benevolent. Sometimes, suffering offers us a chance to do good for
others and it brings people together.
The best way to cope with suffering is to pray and trust.


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Christine Hui

How should Christian's respond to evil and suffering?

1. Follow examples in the Bible.

A. The Fall (Genesis 2-3)
Disobedience to God punishment/suffering
Humans are given free will to choose between right and wrong
Willing obedience from the heart is more meaningful than forced obedience
B. The Book…

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Christine Hui

"Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good" Romans 12:21
Christians should help people in need (E.g. Jesus helped people in difficulties/Fed 5000 with
5 bread 2 fish, Raised the dead.) E.g. Donate money to charity. Parables of Good

B. Jesus taught us to…

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Christine Hui

Prayers may not be answered in a desirable/understandable way; no questioning God
knows what is best for us.



Izzy Hammond


Very useful, nice and detailed. I added lots of new stuff to my notes!

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