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Christians aim to be more like Christ each day they live. They make mistakes but their intention is to do what is right and good, as they believe this what
God wants from them.
In order to know what to do in any given situation they are likely to rely on three things:
The Bible
Their Conscience
FAITH in Christ
Christian Beliefs about Suffering
Christians speak to God in prayer, in belief that he hears them and will comfort and strengthen them in their suffering. Christians also pray for God's
intervention in their situation.
Christians believe that in all situations God has a plan that is in the best interests of humankind and God works through all situations to bring about good.
God is able to understand and relate to human suffering because Jesus himself came to earth and suffered. Times of suffering have made many Christians
feel closer to God, as they learn to rely on him for strength and support.
Good and Evil
Faith in Christ

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Christians believe that Jesus came to earth and lives as a perfect man. They believe that all the decisions he made were the right ones and that he went out
of his way to help others.
Jesus spent time in PRAYER asking God for guidance. He put people before money, land or possessions and willingly made the ultimate SACRIFICE out of love
for others by dying on the cross.
Christians look at Jesus and try to copy his lifestyle and attitudes in their own lives.…read more


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