Good and Evil

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Why there is Evil and Suffering in the World
St Augustine, a Christian monk taught that evil is the sole responsibility of human beings for making wrong choices.
Iranaeus, also a Christian monk suggested that man was not created perfect but immature, needing to grow and develop to perfection as planned by God.
Evil is necessary for us to understand goodness, it is because of the existence of evil that we can be aware of goodness of God.
Christians think suffering is a test of FAITH for believers and a punishment for the wicked. Some Christians may believe that they too have been tested by
God during difficult times in their lives, trusting that he will never allow them to be tested beyond what they can bear.
Christians believe that God is all powerful and all loving. They also believe in the existence of the Devil in some form. The Devil desires to work against God
and is a force for evil.
Christian beliefs about Good and Evil
Christians believe God is perfect and the source of all goodness. They believe that humans were created in his image and have responsibility to live in a way
that is pleasing to him.
The moral code given by God in the Bible is what Christians follow to live a good life. Evil is the result of not following God.
In Christianity evil is often personified as the Devil who acts against god and wants to tempt humans to behave in an evil way.
Genesis the devil in the form of a serpent tempted Eve to eat the fruit forbidden to her by God.
Good and Evil

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The Problem of Evil
Natural evil is suffering created through no direct fault of humans.
Moral evil is when suffering is caused by actions of human beings.
The Devil in the Bible
The Devil has limited power and tries to persuade humans to be disobedient. In the story of Job ­ Job is a man who is obedient to God but the Devil
suggests to God that Job is only obedient to him because God protects him and looks after him so well.…read more

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