Good and Bad Things about Elizabeth Tudors reign

The good and bad things about Elizabeth Tudor's reign

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Good And Bad Things about Elizabeth I's Reign over
She stopped the Spanish Armada
She made England neither a Protestant country nor a Catholic
country. She made it so that anyone could be whatever
religion they wanted to be.
She didn't let any country invade England
Great works of Art and literature were formed during her
reign such as William Shakespeare and Sir Walter Raleigh
She used her `marriage card' by accepting a marriage and
then after getting help to storm a place she rejected the
marriage proposal
She helped out the Netherlands
Spain were in charge of Netherlands and so she pretended to
accept the marriage proposal from François, Duke of Anjou.
He then sent some of his French forces to the Netherlands to
help them defeat Spain. After they had driven away the
Spanish she rejected the marriage
She ordered Sir Francis Drake to go and sabotage the Spanish
fleet being built to invade England

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Bad things
By refusing to marry she couldn't create an heir for the
By refusing to marry she also gave a reason for the Spanish to
invade England
By helping Netherlands she gave Spain another reason to
invade England
She was having an affair with Robert Dudley which made her
neglect her duties for some time…read more


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