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Godden and Badeley (1975)
They looked at Context-dependent
(your environment can serve as a cue
to certain memories) to see of words
are remembered better.…read more

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· To see whether words are remembered better
when recalled in the same environment than
in a different environment (the beach and sea)…read more

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· 18 Divers were given a word list to learn,
presented either on the beach or 15 feet
under the sea, and then asked to recall the
· In one condition the words were recalled in
the same environment as they had learnt the
words, in the other condition they recalled the
words in the other environment…read more

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· Whether the words were recalled on land or
under the sea didn't make a difference,
however when the recall was in the same
place as learning the accuracy of recall was
· 40% of words were forgotten if recall took
place in a different environment to the
learning.…read more

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· Recall was better if the environment was the
same as the place which the words were
learnt, suggesting that context cues help
recall.…read more

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Strengths Weaknesses
· Was a field experiment so not all · The participants were divers so is
the variables were controlled so doesn't generalise to another
there was some reality to the people. Not a representative
experiment. sample.
· Supports the theory Tulving · Not all the variables were
(1972) of cue-denpendency controlled so it would be hard to
· The participants were protected replicate the study
as there wasn't any psychology
damage.…read more


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