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a) Clarify the argument and/or interpretation in the passage (30)
i. What is the context i.e. what is the article about overall? (1 paragraph)
ii. What is the content of the passage arguing? (3-4 paragraphs)
Discussing the problem of religious language when discussing God and His possible existence
Ayer says…

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May also be an assertion that God is an object of purely mystical intuition and cannot therefore be
defined in terms which are intelligible to reason
If one allows that it is impossible to define God in intelligible terms then it is impossible for a sentence to
be both about…

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Agree that proving the existence of God is not probable as famous arguments (teleological, cosmological,
ontological and religious experience) fail in their goal to show God exists either necessarily or at least
that He probably exists
However disagree that the religious language should be counted as meaningless because of the…


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