God is good and Judeo-christian influences on philosophy of religion

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JudeoChristian influences on philosophy of religion
Two creation stories:
Gen 1 `six days' ­ God creates by word
Creation of the universe
God seems more remote and Transcendent
Able to create via word alone ­ Omnipotence
Gen 2 ­ God's relationship with humanity
Adam and Eve and the Fall
God = more superhuman and more of a relationship with humanity
Creating activity = crafting
Adam is created from the dust of the earth and has the breath of life breathed into
his nostrils
Gen 1 ­ God created via word // Gen 2 God crafted
Gen 2 shows intimate relationship between God and mankind
Both accounts regard humans as a high creation
`Creatio ex nihilio' = `creation out of nothing'
God created the whole universe, out of nothing.
Preexisting mass = God `ordered the chaos'
Preexisting mass or out of nothing?
Fits in with the Big Bang
Belief originated with St. Augustine in the 12th
`creatia ex materia' = `creation out of matter'
Bible is clear that creation is a deliberate action by God (" In the beginning, God created the
heavens and the earth" ­ Gen 1:1)
Some argue Genesis used the Babylonian story ­ "spirit of God" hovering over the
water seems to suggest that some sort of reality has always existed
The Bible uses ANTHROPOMORTHIC language ­ "The Lord God formed man from the
dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils" ­ human qualities
Cosmological argument
Argument argues the universe could not have caused itself so must have been caused by
God. Idea of God crafting undermines this. If matter is eternal and there was preexisting
matter then this would reduce God to a designer rather than a creator.
"Nothing comes from nothing" ­ Aristotle
"When I laid the earth's foundations" ­ Job

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God is....
Omnipotent : all powerful shown when God control the chaos before creation (Gen.1).
Gen.1 shows God's complete power over creation
Omnipresent: allpresent, not limited to time and space God is present in all parts of his
creation, sustaining them. God is present when he moves over the earth (Gen.1)
Omniscience: allknowing knows all knowledge of everything (When Eve ate the fruit of
the tree, he knew).…read more

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Many Biblical stories do not portray a "good" God
"God saw all that he had made, and it was good" ­ Gen.…read more


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