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JudeoChristian influences on philosophy of religion

Two creation stories:

Gen 1 `six days' ­ God creates by word

Creation of the universe
God seems more remote and Transcendent
Able to create via word alone ­ Omnipotence

Gen 2 ­ God's relationship with humanity

Adam and Eve and the Fall…

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God is....

Omnipotent : all powerful shown when God control the chaos before creation (Gen.1).
Gen.1 shows God's complete power over creation
Omnipresent: allpresent, not limited to time and space God is present in all parts of his
creation, sustaining them. God is present when he moves over the earth…

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Many Biblical stories do not portray a "good" God

"God saw all that he had made, and it was good" ­ Gen.1


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