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JudaeoChristian influences on philosophy of religion
The concept of God as Creator
The Bible opens with accounts of God and creation. There are 2 creation stories in Genesis. Genesis
1(Priestly account) the universe is created piece by piece and finally humanity is placed on the earth to
rule it ­…

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Concept of omnipotence:
God is an all powerful being. Not questioned that he created the world accepted that he did. Presented as
a transcendent being during creation he is distinctive from the universe he is creating, "created heaven
and earth" Gen 1. Only creator not a number of Gods. Priestly…

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For Christians, the goodness of God is revealed most completely in the person and work of Christ
According to Christian teaching, the Holy Spirit is the means by which Christians can share in and
demonstrate to others the goodness of God.
The ways in which the God of the…


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