GM Plants

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Genetic modification of plants
1. Cells of the crop plant to be modified are isolated
Cells of the unmodified crop plant.
2. Enzymes remove cell wall by digestion
Protoplasts of the crop plant.
3. Infection of protoplasts by bacterial vector
Bacteria with the desired genes.
4. Infection of protoplasts by viral vector
Viruses with the desired genes.
5. 'Shooting' of protoplasts by particle gun with DNA coated pellets

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Gene gun.
6. Cells cultured allowing regrowth of cell walls. Antibiotics used to
screen out cells which are not GM
Crop plant cells, some of which are genetically modified.
7. Cultured on nutrient agar, GM crop cells grow into a clump of cells
called a callus
Callus made up of GM crop cells.
8. Calluses are grown in sterile conditions into plantlets
GM plantlets.
9. Plantlets are grown to produce fullsize plants bearing GM seeds
that can be marketed and sold
GM plants.…read more


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