GM crops

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GM Crops
GM crop (genetically modified crop) ­ an plant which has DNA which has been altered for the
purpose of improvement or correction of defects.
Crops are genetically modified to improve a variety of factors including:
Self-life of crops can be increased by changing its DNA. This means that it is easier to ship and will not
go off as soon as other, unmodified crops. However, the disadvantage is that it will lose some of its
Pest resistance
Pest resistance is important for crops grown in places which are particularly affected by insects and
other pests because they will be able to continue producing high levels of crops when other are
eaten/ affected.
Crop yield
Crop yield can be increased by changing the DNA of a plant. This is beneficial for supermarkets
wishing to sell cheap food. Unfortunately, it is thought that changing the genetic makeup of the plant
will affect the produce.
Larger crop yields can makes food prices stay low. Longer shelf life can make it easier to obtain
seasonal foods and rest resistance increases yield. Genetic modification can be used to change
almost any characteristic of plant to achieve the desired result.
Some people think that the new, changed crops may be bad for humans and cause health problems.
Also, food will often lose its flavour and texture.


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