Glossary of key terms for Religious Experience

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NUMINOUS EXPERIENCE experiences of awe and wonder in the presence of
an almighty and transcendent God
NUMINOUS a word used by Otto to mean `wholly other'
MONIST the belief that everything has an essential unity
MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE an experience of direct contact or oneness with
God or ultimate reality
CORPORATE EXPERIENCE a religious experience that happens to a number
of people at once and in the same location
ARCHETYPE OF GOD personal image of God
PHENOMENA things in the empirical world that we can experience
NOUMENA a reality beyond our experience
DYSTELEOLOGICAL SUFFERING suffering that has no valid reason behind it
OBJECTIVIST the view that if a religious experience truly happens, it
demonstrates that existence of a God `out there'
SUBJECTIVIST the view that religious experience can be true for the believer
VERIDICAL a veridical experience means that it is a genuine experience of
something that is actually there
PRAGMATISM a way of thinking which says that the truth or meaning of
something depends, in whole or in part, on its practical consequences
INFALLIBLEincapable of making mistakes or being wrong
PLURALISM the idea in religion that truth is to be found in many faiths
INEFFABLE the idea that the experience cannot be properly described
NOETIC the idea that an experience imparts or reveals knowledge
EMPIRICISM the idea that observations via our senses lead us to
understandings in the world


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