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"any process of change operation on a world scale by
which the world is becoming increasingly
Such as:
· Physical- Global Warming, Rising sea levels
· Political- Communism, Parliamentary Democracy
· Ideological- Aid, Democracy…read more

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How has globalisation been allowed
to happen?
· Improved Transport Links
· Trade Development
· Technology (Internet)
· No language barrier
· Media
· Scientific research
· War
· Education
· Free trade (EU, NAFTA)
· National Events (Olympics)
· Tourism/ The movement of people…read more

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Improvement in Transportation and Transport Links-
Larger cargo ships mean that the cost of transporting goods between
countries has decreased as more can be moved in one journey. Economies of
scale mean the cost per item can reduce when operating on a larger scale.
Transport links such as the Channel Tunnel also mean that goods and people
can travel more quickly and cheaply.
Freedom of Trade-
organisations like the World Trade Organisation (WTO) promote free trade
between countries, which help to remove barriers between countries and
allow trade to flourish.
Improvements of communications -
the internet and mobile technology has allowed greater communication
between people in different countries. Business can often be discussed over
the phone or even by webcam connections such as Skype.…read more

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Trade Blocs-
Trade blocs such as the EU and NAFTA are relationships
between countries, generally in the same region, to facilitate
free trade agreements which means people in these countries
can often obtain products from other countries for good
Possible Advantages-
The elimination of tariffs, quotas, and other restrictions allow
companies who were once prevented from doing business to
compete on equal footing with national companies, it also
means lower prices for the consumer.…read more

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Possible Dis-advantages-
Some countries will benefit more than others in free trade
agreements. For example, if parts of Africa were to trade cocoa
beans to the UK, the UK could then use these cocoa beans to
process chocolate, they can then sell this chocolate to the
country that supplied the cocoa beans for a higher price.
Problems can also start when non-members of the trade block
must pay tariffs that members of the trade bloc do not. The
other major possible drawback to free-trade agreements is
increased dependency. As countries become more specialized
they become more dependent on their trading partners. This
means that each country loses some control over its economy or
sovereignty. Often, there is competition within a country when
its public do not by enough of the products grown in their
country for example, people would not buy apples grown in the
UK they instead would buy apples from Italy. For the UK farmers
this would mean they are not earning enough money, therefore
there would be a subsidy for the farmers in the UK. A subsidy is
sum of money granted by the government or a public body to
assist an industry or business, this would therefore mean that
the UK farmers become entirely dependant on the subsidy.…read more

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