Globalisation Exam Question - 21 Marks

Here's the plan for the following question - it is one with an Item but I usually just link defintions or concepts that are relevant :)

With reference to the item asses the view that the process of globalisation has led to changes in both the amount of crime and the types of crime committed. (21 marks)

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Asses the view that the process of globalisation has led to changes in both the
amount of crime and the types of crime committed. (21 marks)
Define Globalisation The increasing interconnectedness of societies ­
and changes brought decisions in one country effects people in different
by it: countries by way of improvements in travel,
communications, technology and science.
HELD The Globalisation of Crime ­ interconnectedness of
crime across national borders means that transnational
organised crime is on the up.
CASTELLS Global Criminal Economy is worth £1 trillion per year ­
they run in the same way as any other legitimate
business ­ based on supply and demand (SUPPLY =
developing countries and DEMAND = rich western
countries). EXAMPLES: drug/weapon (& nuclear)/body
parts trafficking, terrorism, cyber-crimes, green crimes,
smuggling children and women.
TAYLOR Capitalism and Globalisation:
Transnational Corporations (Primark) ­ pay low
wages to the manufactures in poorer countries
to keep profits high.
Deregulation ­ Governments have little control
over their economies, mostly about the
powerful businesses.
Marketisation ­ Encouraged individualism
undermining social cohesion.
Therefore an increasing sense of inequality is produced
­ so to achieve the mainstream goals the poor can turn
to crime due to the lack of Legitimate Opportunity
Structures (LOS) the unemployed look for Illegitimate
Opportunity Structures (IOS). EXAMPLE ­ in LA
deindustrialisation led to the growth of drug gangs.
LEFT REALISTS Due to the materialistic culture as promoted by the
media it portrays success in terms of lifestyle
consumption ­ so to achieve it people turn to crime.
HOBBS & `Glocal' ­ refers to global LOS and IOS in particular
DUNNINGHAM drugs. Networks of LOS and IOS across, generally quite
loose networks ­ moved from the hierarchical gangs to

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GLENNY `McMafia' ­ franchise their brand (in this case their
gang) on a global scale selling protection of the
rich/powerful. This is an example of transnational
organised crime.
Define Green Crime Green Crime is crime against the environment, it is
and why it's unique: unique because the planet is a single eco-system
meaning that environmental harm that happens to one
part of the world will impact on other countries across
the globe.…read more

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SOUTH Crimes of water pollution (25 million people die
per year due to bad water)
flouting the rules aimed at preventing environmental
State violence against oppositional groups
(states sometimes use illegal methods to deal
with protesters e.g.…read more

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­ socially construct what is
criminal. EXAMPLE: Nazi Germany made it the
law for disabled people to be sterilise against
their will.…read more


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