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These are the case studies you need for Unit 2 for globalisation, i hope these help, i have also done casestudies for changing urban envrionments i hope they help too :) please rate and comment, thankss x

notes taken from CGP GCSE Geography AQA A Specification

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Case Studies ­ Globalisation
TNCs ­ WalMart (Retail TNC) Change in manufacturing location China Reducing Impacts of Globalisation Spain
Headquarters in the USA In 30 years China has gone from being a Energy consumption has increased 66%
Began in 1962 (Sam Walton opened first mainly agricultural economy to a strong since 1990
stone in Arkansas, USA) manufacturing economy Spain is ideal for wind farms because it has
Stores in Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Lots of TNCs have factories in China, e.g. large, windy areas.
and UK (ASDA) NIKE, HewlettPackard and Disney In 2008, 11.5% of Spain's energy was
Owns over 8000 stores supplied by wind energy
Employs over 2m people
Advantages Reasons for the growth: Positive impact of wind farms:
Creates jobs (Vineland, USA 1. Cheap Labour ­ no single minimum wage In 2008, using wind energy
opened in 2009 created 700 (different all over the country) reduced Spain's CO2 emissions by
jobs) 2. Long working hours ­ Chinese law says over 20m tonnes
Donates hundreds of millions of people are only allowed to work 40 hours per Wind energy industry created over
dollars to improve education, week with a maximum 36 hours of overtime 40 000 jobs
healthcare and the environment per month (not always enforced) Saved Spain from importing (£1.2b
3. Laxer health and safely regulations ­ are of gas and oil)
not heavily enforced, workers been treated
for mercury poisoning
4. Prohibition of strikes ­ ACFTU is required
by law to get people back to work as quickly
as possible
5. Tax incentives and tax free zones ­
Special Economic zones (SEZs) that offer tax
incentives to foreign businesses

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Disadvantages Negative impact of wind farms:
Factory workers in USA earn $6 Some conservationists say wind
an hour, but factory workers in farms are a danger to migrating
China earn less than $1 an hour birds
Companies that supply WalMart Some people think wind farms are
have long working hours e.g.…read more


Sasha Dean

Thanks - they are really good but one is missing - a renewable energy source.

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