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Globalisation…read more

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Globalisation Definition
O The processes by which people, their cultures, money,
goods and information can be transferred between
countries with few or no barriers…read more

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Influential Factors
O Transport
O Multinational Corporations
O Relaxed laws in LEDCs
O Job opportunities
O Media…read more

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Positive Impacts
O Trillions of dollars are exchanged electronically each day
around the world in payments, loans, share purchases and
O There has been an expansion of international political
organisations such as the EU
O Some global trade barriers like tariffs and quotas have
been removed
O Increasingly inexpensive global phone and Internet
connections are bringing info by e-mail or global media
O A `global village' is emerging where people share common
interests such as sports, music and films…read more

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Negative Impacts
O Companies such as News International influence how
people vote and think about issues
O Politicians seek their support because voters opinions
are affected by what they see and read
O This has led to a loss of national identity as TNCs and
political organisations gain power over national
O Governments can lose the ability to control events in
their own countries…read more

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O Global capitalism is now spread by large
transnational corporations (TNCs) with greater
turnovers than the GDP of many individual countries ­
using cheaper labour in developing economies to
supply consumers in America or Europe
O Those with skills in management, finance and IT are
moving around the world to where they are most in
O Music, TV and media encourage a loss of individuality
by spreading European or American values and
attitudes…read more

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