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Globalisation Dan Grist
1. Globalisation is the increased interconnectness of the world and the greater
interdependence that results from this.
2. Economic ­ increased trade and imports/exports has created economic globalisation.
Also, the emergence of thousands of TNCs has created the global shift of
manufacturing to NICs.
Cultural ­ A `Global village' is emerging, where people share tastes e.g. food and
music, this is due to improvements in communications, transport and global media
e.g. BBC World.
Political ­ the expansion of international political organisations, such as the G8, the
UN and NGOs such as the Red Cross.
3. The factors that have promoted economic globalisation:
Advances in transport, communication and trade links underpin changes in
manufacturing and services, enabling them to become a world wide affair. As a result
of this, TNCs have emerged ­ they outsource their factories to NICs (e.g. China, India
or Brazil). Increased trade links increases interdependence therefore creating further
4. All the top TNCs originate from rich MEDCs, mainly the USA e.g. the NIKE head
quarters are in Oregon. The numbers of employees amongst the top companies do
vary although they all employ a lot of people! Common sectors of the top TNCs are
ICT, oil and telecommunications ­ which are actually the things which make the
process of globalisation occur (improvements in communications and transport).


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