Globalisation Questions 2

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What risks are entitled by globalisation? (4marks)
Globalisation occurs when businesses trade worldwide. Some risks of globalisation may include air
and land pollution due to the goods being transported sometimes half way around the globe
before landing as stock on shelves. This causes danger to the environment and the different
habitats. It also means that most of the time it will lead to destruction of rain forests,
overexploitation and loss of natural habitat. All this will be caused by globalisation for instance in
creating new roads or building new hotels for a hotel branch.
Give 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of globalisation. (6marks)
One advantage of globalisation could be that resources from different countries are used for
producing goods and services they are able to do most efficiently. Another advantage could be
that customers would get much wider variety of products to choose from and as a result price
competitive markets arise. One disadvantage of globalisation may be that economic depression in
one country can trigger adverse reactions across the globe. Also companies would face much
greater competition. This means that smaller companies are at a great disadvantage as they do
not have resources to compete at global scale.
Why has globalisation increased? (4marks)
The recent years bought greater developments in communication, technology and transport. The
internet enables quick, cheap and easy ways to communicate, buy and export goods all around
the world. In addition trade has become free after the collapse of communism; this has opened
trade to many former communist countries. Another factor influencing globalisation increase
might be due to multinational companies rising awareness. These include corporations like
Subway, McDonalds, Nike and Microsoft.
State 2 benefits and 2 disadvantages of trade. (4marks)
One benefit of trade may include greater employment opportunities as more trade will occur due
to globalisation. This will also affect the capital and increase in the international economies of
scale. One disadvantage of trade could be the increased gap between the rich and poor due to
globalisation. In addition one of the disadvantages could be the dominance of global trade by rich
Northern companies.


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