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Global warming…read more

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Global warming
Global warming: an increase in the earth's
average atmospheric temperature that causes
corresponding changes in climate which may
result in the greenhouse effect.
The greenhouse effect: Thermal radiation from
the sun is absorbed by
atmospheric greenhouse gases, and is
refracted in all directions. Part's of the refraction
is directed back towards the surface, energy is
transferred to the surface of the earth. This
process can increase the earths temperature.…read more

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Global warming is on the rise
Scientists are more than 90% certain the
increase is caused by greenhouse gases.
An increase in global temperatures has a
knock on effect as sea levels rise and the
pattern of precipitation changes.
In the last 100 years, the average
temperature on earth has risen by 0.8
degrees Celsius…read more

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Sea levels
If the sea levels rise by 60m the whole
of New Jersey and New York will be
underwater and in the UK London
and the whole of the East around
Cambridge will be underwater. In
Europe, the majority of Denmark and
low lying countries like the
Netherlands would be underwater.
This is a global effect of global
warming…read more

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Sea level rise
Nationally and locally a
sea level rise of 7m
would begin to affect
us quite dramatically as
parts of London would
be underwater
Also the Fens would be massively
affected along with the Humber and
North Eastern area as major cities
like Hull, Doncaster, Scunthorpe and
Peterborough would all be
underwater.…read more

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An increase in sea levels of 40m would cause the whole of Greater
London to be underwater and other parts of Southern England,
predominantly where the Thames flows through, like our local area of
Reading .…read more

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