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"As gain ground human-caused biodiversity loss
and climate disruption, we need to keep our sights
clear and understand that the measure of a threat
is not a matter of whether it is made on purpose,
but of go after those we perceive to be evil because how
much loss it may cause. It's an ancient habit to they
intended to do harm. It's harder, but more effective, to "go
after," meaning to more effectively educate and socialize,
those vastly larger numbers of our fellow humans who are
not evil, but whose behavior may in fact be far more
destructive in the long run." (Ed Ayres, editor of
Worldwatch magazine, Nov/Dec 2001)…read more

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Global Warming
·an average increase in the temperature
of the atmosphere near the Earth's
surface and in the troposphere, which
can contribute to changes in global
climate patterns…read more

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·The main cause of global warming is the
emission of greenhouse gases like carbon
dioxide and carbon monoxide. These
gases can be gotten from the following:
·Carbon Dioxide from Power Plants
·Carbon Dioxide Emitted from Cars
·Carbon Dioxide from Airplanes
·Carbon Dioxide from Buildings…read more

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Other greenhouse gases emission
Nitrous oxide
Water Vapor in the Atmosphere Increasing
Chlorofluorocarbons…read more

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Carbon in Atmosphere and Ocean
The atmosphere contains about 750 billion
tons of carbon, while 1020 billion tons are dissolved in
the surface layers of the world's ocean.
Forests 610 billion tons of Carbon
Soils 1580 " " "
Deep Ocean 38100 " " "…read more

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