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Global tourism

Global growth of tourism reasons:

Increasing wealth ­ In many countries people have increasing amounts of
disposable income to spend on holidays.
Increased leisure time ­ Employees now get more paid holiday time than they
used to.
Improved transport facilities ­ Better roads and increased car ownership

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Religious pilgrimage e.g. Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
Party tours ­ Cyprus.
Cruise ships ­ Caribbean.
Volcano watching ­ Hawaii
Eco-tourism ­ Costa Rica.
Wilderness tours ­ Alaska.
Cultural and historical ­ Peru.

Different environments, different opportunities


Opening of Alicante airport in 1967 created a big tourist boom.
People were…

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Case study of Cyprus

Positive impacts of tourism

Increased money generated in the area, boosting the local economy.
Provided much need employment.

Negative impacts of tourism

Ayia Napa has sold itself as a party destination and consequently local people
have moved away from the now noisy costal area to nearby…

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Social indicators ­ Such as health, education and population ­ examples
include life expectancy, adult literacy, infant mortality and access to health
Economic indicators ­ Such as average income, number of mobile phones per
1,000 people and access to the internet.
Environment indicators ­ Such as access to clean…

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Exploitation ­ The misuse of people or resources.

Can tourism reduce the development gap?
Development gap ­ The difference between the rich and the poor.
Volatility ­ When something is apt to change, often very quickly.
Boycott ­ Showing your disapproval by refusing to go somewhere.
Multiplier effect ­ Increased…

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Violence, rioting and terrorism can reduce tourism rates as seen in Kenya.
Terrorist attacks in the capital Nairobi led to Western governments advising
their citizens not to travel there and people started going nearby to places like
Tanzania and other destinations such as South Africa for wildlife and beach

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The British trust for conservation volunteers carries out practical work by
repairing footpaths and building drystone walls. Friend of the Lake District
campaign about issues like water quality, public transport and the building of
wind farms.

Honeypot ­ A place of attractive scenery or historic interest that attracts large


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