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Revision notes for Unit 3 Business studies Edexcel on Global Marketing

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Harry Bindloss
Polycentric: Each host country is unique. Each of its subsidiary businesses develops their
own unique business and marketing strategies in order to suit these particular needs.
Ethnocentric: Looking at markets from primarily the perspective of one's own culture. A
business believes that what was a success story in its domestic market will also be so in
other countries in which it operates.
Geocentric: The potential market has both similarities and differences in domestic and
foreign markets.
Glocalisation: (Globalisation and Localisation) a global product or services is more likely
to succeed if it is adapted to the specific requirements of local practices and cultural
Global Niches: Is the process of finding small but potentially profitable market segments
and designing custom-made products for them. A niche market is a focused, targetable
portion of a market


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