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Developed and developing are two crude categories to use when describing the differences
between countries. However, this approach is no longer as useful as it once was for the following
· The distribution of people living in poverty and of elite groups has become more complex in
an era of globalisation.
· A large number of countries that were previously seen as poor have become relatively
wealthy, in terms of nation income. These middle income countries include Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia
and China
· There are rich and middle class elites now present in a number of cities in middle income
countries further complicating the picture
· The word `developed' suggests that the process has finished and that the country has
reached the pinnacle of civilisation
· Geographers tend use More Economically Developed Country (MEDC) and Less Economically
Developed Country (LEDC) as this focuses only on the economy of a country and doesn't suggest that
a society is more or less developed.
· The Brandt equator was used to divide the world into `Rich North' (MEDCs) and `Poor South'
· The difference in levels of economic and social well-being between the richest and the
poorest is called the development gap.


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