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Global Development
-Neo Liberalism
-People Centred approaches…read more

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What is this theory?
· Before WW2 there was lots of capitalism within
· After WW2 there was a realisation that war was
costly and that the cause of these wars were
countries that were underdeveloped
· The solution was to make these countries become
more developed
· Communism is very appealing to poor countries as
the wealth would be shared out
· During this time communism was seen as the
enemy and therefore should be avoided…read more

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Rostow's Ladder
· This was seen to be the `blue print for
· This blue-print came from an American called
Rostow, he had two main aims with the
­ It was a non- communist solution to poverty (time
of the origin of the Cold War)
­ It also explains why countries have failed to
develop…read more

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Mass Consumption Industrialisation Basic Subsistence
· Over consuming · Urbanisation Agriculture
· High standards of · Entrepreneurs · No money cycle
living · Manufacturing starts · Traditional values and
· Conspicuous · Rapid growth traditions
consumption · Communal value
· Welfare state
Drive to Maturity
· Investment
· Aid from west
· Changed mind-set
· Surplus from farmers
· Improved social conditions
· More technology
· Education system
· Start of money cycle
· Large cities developing…read more

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Social and cultural changes
There are many social and cultural barriers and
catalysts that effect development
Parsons: cultural barriers prevent development
Hoseletz: urbanisation, mass media and
education are catalysts for development…read more

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