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Geography revision ­ Part 1

Cold Environments ­ Glacial


Glacial environments contain snow and ice all year round, but are relatively dry. Temperatures on the
ice sheets vary from -60°C to -10°C at the coast. In the winter, -75°C to 25°C and summer
temperatures, -40°C to -2°C. There is…

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General formation ­ a snow covered hollow on the side of a slope is enlarged by freeze thaw
weathering. Further erosion means that ice can accumulate, and at a critical depth and weight of the
ice the ice begins to move out of the hollow by extrusion flow in a…

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Truncated spurs ­ a blunt ended rock ridge which descend from the steep sides of a u-shaped valley
or glacial trough.

Key Words

Striations ­ scratch marks on rocks caused by abrasion.
Chatter marks ­ discontinuous scratch marks on rocks caused by abrasion.
Extrusion flow ­ the movement of ice…


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