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Glacial Processes

Ice Ages
Last ice age, in Britain, was over 10,000 years ago. Cover higher parts of
Scotland and Wales. Lasted 2000 years. Called Lock Lomond ReAdvance.

Ice Advance

Snow falls is compressed to form firn then neve then ice.

Ice sheets
A moving mass of ice covering the…

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(screes) from the backwall and the peak making it recede. Abrasion of
the corrie base from rock embedded in the ice, caused by the rotation
slip of the ice and plucking pulls rock from the corrie base. This increases
the size of the corrie. As the glacier has lees energy…

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Boulder clay/till
A mixture of material, of different sizes and with irregular shapes, that
have been deposited near the snout of a glacier.

Rock bar
Outcrop of hard rock between rock basin, made of softer rock.

Large boulder dropped by the glacier, of a different rock type than the…


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