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Aim Policy/Reform Positive effects of the reforms: Limitations/ negative consequences
To make Liberal Increase wealth & + 1890-1913: Real wages rose by 25% Liberals feel more isolated from these
institutions prosperity. Use govt + Restrictions of child (under 12) & female labour (11 reforms.
more popular budget surplus…

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Provide free treatment + Trade unions gained more powers. These reforms upset the elite/industria
for malaria. + Quinine: Supplied for free to treat Southerners of who didn't want workers to have more
malaria rights. The state now "supported" the
Industrialists begin looking for a more
authoritarian government. Rise of…

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Eventually leads to the complete
withdrawal of support for Giolitti .
Forcing him resign in March 1914.
Achieve Italian Extend male franchise + Illiteracy rate fell in the South: Narrowing the N-S Divide Increasing the franchise alienated Libe
identification National service and 1871- 88.3% of the adult population and the…

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