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Ghazal Point Example Effect
10 stanzas of equal length (2 lines) Suggests unity accentuating the subject of the poem; love. It suggests that the speaker wants to be linked

Traditional structure of a Ghazal (An Arabic with their lover, so they are always a couple.
prayer) The poem follows…

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A lover can complete a person Use of paired metaphors such as ` I am Suggests you can't have one without the other and emphasizes her need to be with him. Both images are

Love and longing can be positive and negative the grass and you the breeze' and…


Aimee Longstaff


This was so useful, thank god you uploaded it! I missed the lesson on Ghazal in school so this may have literally saved me for the exam- thaannkyooouuu!!!!!!!!!!! :)



Thank you Holly! :D

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