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The word "ghazal" means rhymes while singing which is accompanied by musical instruments and the rhymes used has certain form.
Middle East
Arab Ghazal
Turkey Iraq
Countries Ghazal
Active in variations
Ghazal in Malaysia
Pakistan Malaysia
Johor Ghazal
India Northern India

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Song lyric: Native
Praises upon Islamic Arabic Middle West Influence
Prophet Teachings language East Violin,
Muhammad Songs Accordian,
Guitar, Double
Bass, Drum,
Flute, Bell, Celo,
Directly from Mostly in Tambourine
Theme Middle East Kedah,
Resembles the Some in
west marching Johor
band and
Arab Instruments Most
Alternately being
added with Musicians and Ghazal Gambus
Middle East performances
dance requirements
like belly dance dress in Arab Beats
in some Middle East
especially during · masri
romantic song · sara…read more

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Song Hindustan melody
Founded by Haji Musa lyric:
bin Yusoff or known as Urdu
language Modification to suits
Pak Lomak or Mejar Johorean / Ghazal Melayu
Lomak Through
Northern · Gambus Melayu
India · Small shape & made of
animal skin on the body
Social · Tambourine replaces bell
issues · Harmonium, Tabla, Guitar,
· Additional instruments:
Johor Instruments
· Flute, mandolin, marakas
Ghazal Asli Ghazal maruwas, rebana, tambor
nature e.…read more

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a) An instrument that play melody or song.
b) "Asli" way of playing harmonium
the harmonium player plays the melody to accompany his/her singing or to accompany other singer.
c) The way to play it is that, one hand is used to play the melody and the other to pump the air into the harmonium.
2) Biola (Violin)
a) To be played along with harmonium but not many ornamentation.…read more

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All string is paired except the 6th string which totals 11 strings.
f) String 1___________________________________Bb (the thinnest)
String 2___________________________________F
String 3___________________________________C
String 4___________________________________G
String 5___________________________________D
String 6___________________________________A (the thickest) (single string)
4) Guitar
a) This instrument is paired with gambus and has the similar function.
b) Sometimes guitar are used to accompany songs and play chords.…read more

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a) Originated from India. It is made as two parts.
Size\Country i) India ii) Indonesia iii) Malaysia
Small chalte dang dhin
Big daga dut Bam
There are few Ghazal group in Malaysia.
Seri Penambang......Muar
Seri Maharani.....Muar (founded in the 40s)
Seri Pemuda......Muar
Seri Kenangan......Muar
Seri Banang.......Batu Pahat
The first song introduced by Mejar Lomak is Sri Mersing. Sri Mersing has two verses of rhymes. The singer of ghazal asli sings in
high pitch not relaxed pitch.…read more


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