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Germany in the Second World War

It is important to remember that, at least from Germany's point of view, the Second World
War can be divided into two distinct phases. The first runs from 19391942, when Germany
experienced a series of military successes, and that the general population were not…

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Problems with workers
As men went into the army, the Nazis began to rethink their attitudes to women, and their
position in the work place. But their efforts to recruit women were unsuccessful. The fact
that only 1 million of the 3 million women between the ages 1745 accepted the…

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Map showing positions of different camps.

Resistance to Nazi Rule

Resistance to the Nazi Party comes under three main headings:

Young People and Students
The Edelweiss Pirates and Swing Youth tended to get into fights with members of the Hitler
Youth, as these groups didn't like the strict rules the…

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Defeat of Germany and the end of the Third Reich

Hitler began to direct the war effort from his bunker in Berlin from January 1945. The Allies
crossed the Rhine on 24th March 1945, and the Russians entered Berlin from the east on 22nd
April. Over 2 million refugees died…


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