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Year Event

Spring- failed Ludendorff offensive. Germans starving after 4 years of war and Allied

September- Germans starving after 4 years of Allied blockades

October- Sailors in Kiel mutinied after being ordered to carry out suicidal bid for glory.
Kaiser didnt send army to quash mutiny anti-war/anti-Kaiser strikes (one…

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Year Event

February- Hitler and Drexler write 25 point programme. DAP NSDAP

March­ Kapp Putsch led by Eirhardt (Freikorps leader) and Wolfgang Kapp (politician) whi
planned to form a new right-wing government. Result of order received that month to
disband Freikorps by government. They stressed the Dolchstoss theory, Communist threat…

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Year Event

Hitler published his ideas for the Nazi party in Mein Kampf. SS formed by Himmler
(personal bodyguard for Hitler, Aryan role-models, black-shirts). Himmler also led SD
(intelligence service for country and party)

Locarno Treaty signed, this was signed by Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany.
1925 Countries agreed to…

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Year Event

Nazi party largest. Communist party second largest - both offering escape from depression

Hitler spoke in up to 5 cities a day, organised mass rallies and conveyed messages in films,
records and radios to try to win presidency at elections. In first round no majority, but
second round,…

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Year Event

Hitler appointed chancellor as von Papen convinced Hindenburg hed be easy to control.
Nazis held 3 of 12 positions in coalition government. Hindenburg disliked Hitler but
prepared to work with him

Law for the Encouragement of Marriage introduced loans for couples with non-working
wives. ¼ of loan free…

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Year Event

Regional governments replaced with Hitler-approved Reich governors

April- Peoples Court established. Independent but run by Nazi supporters and Hitler or
Minister of Justice could change sentences

Jews banned from public places (parks, playing fields, pools)

30th June­ The night of the long knives - SA wanted to merge…

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Year Event

Almost 40 billion marks spent to subsidise firms, create jobs and build 700km autobahns

Volkswagen scheme organised by Labour Front to subscribe to 5 marks per week to fund
car, but actually only encouraged saving no one managed to afford it

Over 80% of youth in Nazi Youth…


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