Germany Keywords

A table with keywords for Edexcel AS Nazi Germany module

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Germany Keywords
Volksgemeinschaf (people's community) class equality but racially pure
Treaty of Germany forced to sign it after WW1 (take blame, reduced
Versailles army/navy force) required Germany and its allies to accept full
responsibility for causing the war and, under the terms of articles
231248, make substantial territorial concessions and agree to
disarm and pay reparations to certain countries that had formed
the Allies. The Treaty was undermined by subsequent events
starting as early as 1922 and was widely flouted by the mid thirties.
Hyperinflation Early 1920s, inflation spiraled out of control
Wall Street Crash 1929, world economic slump
Nuremburg Rally 1938 a Nazi propaganda exercise to appeal to Germans and the
world (slideshow sheet)
Autobahn (en) Motorway(s)
Fürher Leader
Aryan Raceblonde hair, blue eyes, desirable to Nazis
Eintopf "one pot meal" once a month on Sunday, "sacrifice for the Reich"
Reich nation
Winterhilfe Fund produced in 1933 to provide extra help to the unemployed in
winter months
Nationalism Patriotism
"Enabling Act" In 1934 said Hitler could make laws alone. This was passed
through parliament by force
Elective Shared goal for a country
Individual liberty Freedom of choice
Intellectualism Learned knowledge
Patriotism Allegiance to your country
Pronatalist Supporter of producing lots of children
"Kinder Kirche Children, Church Kitchen the central theme of the Nazi policy
Kuche" towards women. It was aimed at encouraging women to
concentrate on working in the home
"Fürher Slogan for Hitler Youth
The 1000 year Hitler wanted new generation to last 1000 years
Gestapo German secret police
Edelweiss Alternative youth groups to HJ
Hitler youth Nazi formed youth movement in 1926
Jüngmdelbund League of young girls 1014 yrs
Adolf Hitler Placed emphasis on PE and racial ideology
Napolas Nazi military academies
Ordensburgen For elite students chosen from the other 2 types of schools (see
two above). Students given military and political instruction to
prepare them for leadership in the third Reich
Kulturkampf Cultural struggle
Lebensraum Living space
Lebensborn "fountains of life" (pg 25 and 23)
Mitteleuropa Nazis hoped to pull the small nations of Eastern Europe into a kind
of common market called this
Ersatz Synthetic, replacement

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Wihrwirtschaft Defence economy
Arbeitdienst Main element of Nazi's plan to reduce unemployment job creation
Buna Synthetic rubber
MEFO bills Schacht's solution to inflation
Nationalist To ensure that all teachers followed the same party line, they were
Socialist pressurized into joining this. By 1937, 97% had done so.
Teacher's League
(NSLB).…read more

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Autarky Self sufficiencyclosed economy
Krupp Part of the steel industry
Protectionism Tariffs put on imports to protect a country's internal production
Hermann Goering Was an attempt to produce iron (but very low quality) and wasn't
Werke very economically sound .…read more


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