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Germany Keywords
Volksgemeinschaf (people's community) class equality but racially pure
Treaty of Germany forced to sign it after WW1 (take blame, reduced
Versailles army/navy force) required Germany and its allies to accept full
responsibility for causing the war and, under the terms of articles
231248, make substantial territorial concessions…

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Wihrwirtschaft Defence economy
Arbeitdienst Main element of Nazi's plan to reduce unemployment job creation
Buna Synthetic rubber
MEFO bills Schacht's solution to inflation
Nationalist To ensure that all teachers followed the same party line, they were
Socialist pressurized into joining this. By 1937, 97% had done so.
Teacher's League…

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Autarky Self sufficiencyclosed economy
Krupp Part of the steel industry
Protectionism Tariffs put on imports to protect a country's internal production
Hermann Goering Was an attempt to produce iron (but very low quality) and wasn't
Werke very economically sound .Huge ironworks in central Germany
promoting low quality iron ore…


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