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Powerpoint covering the key points for everything of the Germany History GSCE Unit.

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Germany 1918 - 1939
Key notes!…read more

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Gustav Stresemann
Key Topic 1
The Weimar Republic
1918 - 1933
Hyperinflation…read more

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Origins and problems of the
Weimar Republic
Germany was tired and starving after 4 years of
war and in August/September the army
9th November, the Kaiser fled to Holland. The
social democrats were left in charge , and after
seeing how bad the war was going, decided on
cease fire on 11th November 1918
Some of the army had not seen much action and
were confused as to why the armistice was
signed. The German people also felt confused
because Germany had not been invaded so their
was no need to surrender.
What made things worse was that Germany was…read more

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The Weimar Republic
The Weimar Republic was formed after the
Kaiser evacuated and Germany signed the
The Weimar Constitution used proportional
representation. This made it very difficult for
any party to gain a majority.
Allies did this to prevent a strong government
taking charge. But this just meant the
government was very weak and struggled to
make decisions.
It was based in Weimar because Berlin was in
chaos.…read more

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The Weimar Constitution
The constitution consisted of these rules:
Males and Females over 20 could vote
Freedom of speech, religion and association
were guaranteed.
The Reichstag was the elected parliament. The
Chancellor had to have voting support of the
A president would be elected every 7 years. He
had more power then anyone else. He could
also rule by decree.…read more

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Why did this cause problems?
Germany was used to being run by a Kaizer. It had no
tradition of democracy. Many wanted Germany to go
back to being run via Kaizer.
Proportional representation meant that many parties
would be involved in the Reichstag and it was difficult
for one party to gain a majority.
All government were coalitions. This meant that the
government did not share a common idea and led to
many problems.
The Weimar politicians who signed the treaty got
blamed by Germans. They were called the `November
The Socialists (SDP) were the most important party but
always needed the support of around 2 other minority
The chancellor would usually change every year.…read more

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