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Germany 1918 ­ 1939


Psychological effects
o The people looked for someone to blame for the defeat
o The war made the Germans bitter and angry
o The Germans were becoming famous for its conflict and squabbling
o All the prewar hopes were dashed
o They were proud of…

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Ebert's tactics caused bitterness and he feared that Germany would go the same way as Russia
September Hitler was sent to a meeting of the German Worker's Party
Treaty of Versailles
o May ­ Presented with the treaty
o June ­ Treaty was signed by 2 representatives
o Guilt,…

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Article 48 is there to stop the President from making In the time of an emergency, the President could make
rules when he wants to by suspending democracy too many rash decisions. Aids the breakdown of
democracy in 1930
Prussia has the majority of votes in the Reichstrat They could…

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o Passive Resistance led the French to act harshly against the workers ­ killed 100 workers and
expelled 100,000 protesters from the area.
o Industry ground to a halt, putting Germany into further debt and collapsing the currency
o The effect of the government printing money it didn't have…

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o He negotiated the reparations to be paid over a longer period of time (part of the Dawes plan)
o This ended Germany's economic crisis quickly
o German economy was relying on US loans ­ unemployment was still a problem and some sectors
were still in financial trouble
Hitler wrote…

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The German industry has recovered from the hyperinflation and economic depression
900 dance bands in Berlin alone
Industrial growth had started to slow down and a depression in farming
Nazis are still trying to appeal to the German workers


Germany had achieved the same levels of production as before…

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Hitler makes a deal with the Nationalists to gain financial backing
Nazi support in Neidenburg (East Prussia) is at 25%
o Hitler had never been there and there was no local Nazi party
Unemployment was almost 6 million people
The average German's income had fallen by 40% since 1929


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The other parties underestimated the Nazis
The social democrats thought that the people would see right through their electioneering
The opposition ended up quarrelling amongst themselves instead of uniting against the
500 people were killed in political violence across a 7 week clash
Weimar still using Article 48


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o Government protected religious freedom
o Church stayed out of political activity
The Catholic Church
The concordat was an understanding between Hitler and the Church. Hitler promised that
the Catholics would be left alone to carry out their religious work.
The Protestant Church
The Nazis united all of the protestant…

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o They were also encouraged to stay at home
o They were fired from employment
o They were advised what to cook (leftovers)
o They were advised what to wear ­ no makeup, plaited hair and dieting was frowned upon, not to
wear trousers
o They were given awards for…









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