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time manner place

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The time manner place rule tells us which
order the words go in when you are saying
where you went, what time you went there and
how you got there.
For example, in English we can say `I went to
the cinema by car at 3:30' or `At 3:30 I went to
the cinema by car'. However, in German we
there is only one way to say it, and that is `Um
3 Uhr 30 bin ich mit dem auto ins Kino
gefahren.' This literally means `At 3:30 I went
by car to the cinema'
Now try and unjumble these sentences, getting
it is the right order for TMP.
1. Ich gefahren mit den Bus nach New York
letztes Woche.
2. geflogen Ich bin ins Kino letztes Jahr.
3. Um acht Uhr Oma Hausen gefahren ich

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